Bora Boutique Hotel

Luxurious hotel in Puerto Escondido

Bora Boutique Hotel is a beautiful, luxurious spot in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Just 10 minutes from Zicatela Beach, it’s quiet and peaceful. The hotel features a great pool, a restaurant, a bar, and a lovely garden. Each room has its own private rooftop terrace for you to relax. 

I enjoyed working with Bora Boutique Hotel to showcase their amazing property and help them connect with more guests.



Project Types


About the project

I reached out to Bora Boutique Hotel because I noticed their beautiful property lacked the content it deserved. I proposed a project to capture every detail of the hotel, showcasing what it’s like to stay there. 

Through photography, I created a visually appealing story that lets potential guests dream of their stay. The client used my pictures on their social media to highlight the best features of their hotel, enhancing their online presence and attracting more guests.

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