Niyana Oaxaca

A biocultural hotel in the heart of Oaxaca

Hotel Niyana is a unique place right in the heart of Oaxaca. It’s the only biocultural lodging in the area, with a strong focus on sustainability. They use eco-friendly features like dry toilets and natural materials for their walls. 

Staying at Hotel Niyana lets you enjoy the beauty of Oaxaca while being environmentally conscious. It was great to work with them and capture what makes their hotel special.



Project Types

Photo – Video

About the project

Hotel Niyana is a unique hotel in the center of Oaxaca with a strong ecological focus. They wanted to showcase their unique approach to their target audience but were missing a strong video. 

Despite having many followers, they needed content that highlighted the ecological aspects of their hotel. I stepped in to help. I created videos of the central areas, shared kitchen, rooms, and rooftop. I combined everything into a short video that they shared on their social media channels.

Looking for photos or videos?

Hotel Niyana decided to invest in content that showcased their biocultural aspect, and that’s what I love to do!

Every hotel, Airbnb, rental, or home can benefit from engaging content that shows what it’s like to stay there.

If you need photos or videos of your place, don’t hesitate to contact me. Let’s create something amazing together!