Say Yes Wedding Photography

A man with a passion for photography

Say Yes Wedding Photography was one of my first clients. While I was still working my corporate job, Dirk asked me to help him create a brand for his wedding photography side project. 

We brainstormed together to come up with a name and brand that matched his passion for photography. Dirk does an amazing job shooting special moments, and it was great to help him get started.



Project Types

Graphic Design

About the project

Although web design isn’t my core business, as a marketer, I know how to create effective websites using WordPress and Elementor. That’s why I helped Dirk with his website, which showcases his wedding shoots and encourages people to get in touch with him. I also designed his business cards, featuring a subtle yet modern design that reflects his unique style. 

Working on this project allowed me to blend my marketing skills with Dirk’s passion for photography, creating a cohesive brand presence for Say Yes Wedding Photography.

Branding or graphic design?

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