Solitt Vastgoed

A real estate agent with a personal touch

Solitt Vastgoed started with two people who have a genuine passion and deep knowledge for finding and selling properties. Their unique approach puts personality at the forefront, ensuring that every client feels valued and understood. 

They go the extra mile to achieve the desired results for each client. With Solitt, you know you have a partner who handles everything perfectly, making the property buying or selling process smooth and successful.


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Graphic Design

About the project

Solitt contacted me before they even launched, and it was a pleasure to help shape their brand from the ground up. I designed their logo and slogan, emphasizing their human and personal approach. After a few meetings, we decided to create stationary that reflected their unique style. 

I crafted their business cards, note blocks, proposal folders, and a brochure. Solitt truly practices what they preach, and I feel fortunate to have them as clients. They always come back to me when they need more stationary, which is a testament to our great partnership.

Looking for graphic design?

Are you looking for branding or graphic design? I would love to help you. A brand is the foundation of every business.

You want your real estate agency or hospitality business to be recognized immediately by your potential clients. That’s where consistent branding and a well-designed suite of stationary come in.

Let’s work together to create a strong, cohesive brand that stands out.